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22 Sep 2019|guest

Welcome to FinFarenath's dragons lair

Under Construction still

FinFarenath's online Lair is currently under some heavy constructions.
Whenever you see the construction sign Under Construction still around - don't take things literally or be shocked about a lot of blah blah in the text. Mainly it's just a placeholder for the text to come.

If you should find some oddities or programming faults, please let me know by filling in the feedback form here.


Got to work on my online lair a little. Finished the new diary engine that comes with a huge amount of new features. If you want to get your personal account just send me a short mail or contact me here. Take a look and read through my infos tidbits and thoughts. I will try to write there more often now. Promise ^..^

If you want to learn about the latest news about FinFarenath's online Lair, take a look in here.


   In the art gallery you can find images drawn by FinFarenath as well as some sketches and unfinished art. A special section is made there for giftart and art trades with other artists and friends. Last but not least there is a section of non furry art containing some photos, images and other stuff and tidbits the dragon made. Just check it out and enjoy what I have to share with you or register yourself to see the fullsize versions of all images as well as gaining access to mature artwork and hidden stuff.

   Artwork of FinFarenath can be found in the FinFarenath's Artwork album and sketches as well as unfinished art can be found in the Sketches and Unfinished Artwork album. There is an album for art trades and gift art as well in the Giftart and Arttrades album. If you want to do an art trade or do some gift art, or want me to draw an image for you or a friend of yours, just send me a message and we will see what can be done.
In the Non Furry Images album I put some photos and other non furry related images to share with all of you.


   The Furrum is a rather old part of this lair and will continue existing. Tho shrunken a lot it still houses a few members who post actively about this an that. You are of course welcome to participate as well as read all the topics and threads. Make sure to check out the various sections about furry interests, film, art and meetings.

   Everyone can register as a user there and join out group to chitchat and talk about all those things. Usually it is custom to start a welcome thread to introduce yourself if you are a new one among us so that we all can welcome you properly.


   The dragon sometimes writes about this and that in the strange tiding of life. If you want to read all about fun and sometimes sad, yet also interesting facts - you can take a look at FinFarenath's daily diary. But don't expect to find a lot of intimate details there, as in general it is just some place to tall everyone about what is going on here.

   Generally the more personal stuff and the real me - I share with friends only. So don't even bother to ask about intimate details about me life. Get to know me and then you will be part of it.

   If you are a friend of mine and the silly me forgot to give you an account for those areas, please poke me so that I can hand you your account.


   The FurryFinder is a still active but maybe one of the more older parts of the online Lair. Written as just an idea and not even with a sane dBase in the background the FurryFinder is the next project of mine to be finished. It still is active with the old skin and engine because it still gets over a thousand hits a day and around 3 to 9 new users each week. Even if the dBase forgets a lot and mixes up fields in the doubles. Sorry for the inconvenience there. i am working on the new engine - promise.

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